E.MiLacADDITIONAL LIQUIDSE.MiLac Cuticle Remover, 30 ml

E.MiLac Cuticle Remover, 30 ml

E.MiLac Cuticle Remover !

E.MiLac Cuticle Remover – in new volume!
Optimum volume. The E.MiLac Cuticle Remover, in the volume of 30 ml, is perfectly suitable for a salon and at-home use.
Handy bottle. An ergonomic bottle provided with the narrow tip ensures the comfortable use and economical consumption.
100% softening. The unique formula of the E.MiLac Cuticle Remover softens the nail cuticle intensively and favours its gentle removal.
Instant result. It makes the nails look healthy and cared-for in just a few seconds without traumatizing the nail bed.

E.MiLac Cuticle Remover, 30 ml