E.MiLacCollection Park Avenue E.MiLac PA Aquamarine #057, 9 ml

E.MiLac PA Aquamarine #057, 9 ml

E.Miroshnichenko has included 7 most fashionable colours of a new season in E.MiLac Park Avenue.
Tender pink, light lilac, sky blue, apple-green, yellow caramel crème, velvet peach and coral-red.

    A real catch for fashionista. Tender E.MiLac summer colours follow the world runway tendencies. Stylish design for those who follows the latest tendencies and a breath of fresh air for lovers of classic manicure.
    All tones of the collection match perfectly, renew image and highlight summer cheer and natural beauty.
    E.MiLac helps create a long-lasting E.Mi-manicure up to 2 weeks

E.MiLac PA Aquamarine #057, 9 ml