E.MiLacADDITIONAL LIQUIDSE.MiLac Sculpt-Maxi Base Gel, 15ml

E.MiLac Sculpt-Maxi Base Gel, 15ml

Art: TU00918

E.MiLac Sculpt-Maxi Base Gel – the base coat with sculptor rubber for flat, outworn nails!
High viscosity. The base coat has the maximum viscosity providing for comfortable modelling, strengthening of problem, flat, caved-in, outworn nails.
High strengthening. Providing for an additional strengthening, making a nail plate elastic and flexible, and preventing chips. Extending the wearing period of gel polish up to 3-4 weeks.
Economy. 100% self-modelling, optimum consumption, working in one drop.

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E.MiLac Sculpt-Maxi Base Gel, 15ml