E.MiLacADDITIONAL LIQUIDSE.MiLac Slider Top Gel, 9 ml

E.MiLac Slider Top Gel, 9 ml

Art: TU01032

E.MiLac Slider Top Gel – a special top gel to secure the sliders!
Universal. Great for all types of sliders and perfect for use with the Naildress Pattern Sliders and Nailcrust Slider Designs.
Strong fixing. Securely seals the sliders on the nail plate. Recommended for glueing and covering the sliders before applying the finishing coat.
Reliable protection. When it comes to protecting the slider designs from cracks and general wear and tear, this gel is indispensable.

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60.800 TND

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E.MiLac Slider Top Gel, 9 ml